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Surfwear Clothing Brands

There are a number of Surfwear brands on the market today. One that is very popular among the surfer crowd is Billabong, they carry a line of boardshorts that surfers seem to love.

A new surfwear brand is HAVAA. This brand is particularly popular in Hawaii. They carry a good line of surfwear including boardshorts, t-shirts and flip flops. Rusty carries a line of t-shirts geared towards surfers along with a good variety of boardshorts.

Classic Girls, another surfwear brand, carries a line of surfwear for girls. This line includes t-shirts and tank tops made specifically for girls needs. HAVAA and Rusty carry board shorts for girls and seems to be very popular.

A great surfwear brand that carries wetsuits is Prickly Heat. These are high quality wetsuits that are easy to care for and were designed by a surfer for ease of care and comfort. While we are talking about wetsuits, the surfwear brand Hot Suits has created the first heated wetsuits. They have two versions of the heated wetsuit. The first is heated with a chemical heat source and stay warm for about an hour. The second version features a battery operated heat system that will last about 2 hours. They carry a line of heated rushies, kidney belts, vests, and of course the wetsuits.

Surfwear brands that produce rash guards for men, women and children are Body Glove and O'Neill. One brand of surfwear made specifically for children is irRashional. They have a wonderful line just for children.

One of the surfwear brands that carry sun protective clothing for men, women and children is The Beach Depot. These rash guards and t-shirts use up to a SPF 150+ sunscreen in their clothing, they are specially made to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays and protect the skin.

Go Surf, another surfwear brand, carries a good line of t-shirts geared towards surfers along with rash guards, neoprene vests and shirts. This is a very popular brand among the surfer crowd. They offer high quality, long lasting, easy care clothing for the surfer.

The surfwear brand, Triboard, carries a huge line of sportswear for men, women, children and even babies. They offer lightweight surfwear for warmer weather and the heavyweight surfwear for cooler weather. They even carry surf swimsuits for women. No matter what your needs are you will be sure to find it with Triboard surfwear.


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